Improper Care Of The Skin May Cause Kidney Disease

Time :May 19, 2017    Views :176

Improper care of skin diseases, may cause kidney disease! A 8-year-old boy, after the exercise sweating and caused small boils back, did not pay attention to the local purulent. There is no noticeable improvement in the cleaning of the medicine at home. 1 months later, the child appeared swollen eyes, hematuria, doctors diagnosed glomerulonephritis, and determine the kidney is caused by skin infection.
Skin disease causes nephropathy phenomenon in clinical, many people think that skin disease is a small disease. In fact, the skin and kidney can not only affect each other, but also can be interdependent in the kidney skin syndrome. Hair follicle inflammation, eczema, worm dermatitis and other diseases can cause kidney disease when serious. When the body resistance is reduced, especially after scratching the skin burst, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus and other purulent cocci, if not timely treatment, purulent cocci susceptible to kidney, causing glomerulonephritis, resulting in swelling of the eyelid, hematuria.
Skin care can protect the kidneys, usually try to avoid excessive use of alkaline soap, so as not to reduce the skin on the external stimuli protection. Active treatment of itching skin disease, to avoid scratching, hot water hot, itching can be hand pat light, cold method of itching.
Improper skin care may cause kidney disease! No matter what effective treatment method must insist on treatment, of course, for nephrotic syndrome patients, dietotherapy can only play the effect of adjuvant treatment, if the condition has an aggravating trend, or suggest to kidney disease hospital, take the standard treatment measures. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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