Recommend some dietary treatments for kidney failure to patient

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Instant noodles are the most popular food for teenagers, not only because of its delicacy, but also because it is convenient, fast and unique in taste. It is a kind of food that many young people can hardly abandon. Well, instant noodles to eat more, in the end what will happen, and whether its benefits or more harm? Here we will analyze some of the human body injury caused by instant noodles.
Eating instant noodles can lead to kidney failure. Instant noodles are generally fried, because after frying can subtract the moisture in the surface, that can extend the storage period. But these oils through oxidation into "lipid" on the bread, when people will eat into the body cavity vascular or other organs, accelerate aging speed and cause hardening of the arteries, leading to stroke, heart disease, kidney disease etc.. Renal failure is a disease that can not be ignored, but can you imagine this terrible disease is usually the most often eat instant noodles cause? Every human organs are part of the indispensable, so we must attach importance to renal failure.
Well, let's recommend some dietary treatments for kidney failure.
1) yuan, ginseng: Ginseng Soup (or ginseng) function of Qi and spleen, nourishing the nerves to guiyuanrou function; people in longan meat, boiled orally, for patients with chronic renal insufficiency anemia, palpitations, has the effect of nourishing the nerves. 2) ginseng jujube soup: Ginseng (or American ginseng) function, Qi, spleen, red jujube function, spleen and stomach, to participate in red dates, boil a total of oral. For patients with chronic renal insufficiency anemia, improve the hemoglobin of.  3) millet, jujube, red bean, yam (fresh) the amount of water boiled into porridge, boil when adding edible alkali; often used; anemia of chronic renal failure patients taking the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and water. 4) mulberry honey paste: mulberry has the effect of nourishing the kidney, honey can embellish dry blood, to fresh mulberry, deep fried, plus honey paste, used for chronic renal insufficiency, kidney yin deficiency, insomnia, irritability.
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