When Start Dialysis According To Creatinine Level

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dialysisLots of toxins and excess wastes build up in body that patients’ creatinine level will go up. When the creatinine level is high enough that doctor will recommend dialysis. So when start dialysis according to creatinine level? And is it really that dialysis depends on creatinine level? If you are confused the same questions that you can consult the online doctor, or flowing this article for the answers.

There is not a creatinine level that indicates the need for dialysis. The decision to start dialysis that it is a decision between doctor and patient, which is based on renal function level and complications. If patients are suffering from serious complications that they can not tolerance, so dialysis is starting.

Creatinine level is used to elevate glomerular filtration rate(GFR), but it has no effects on the complications that patients will suffer. In clinical, there is no specific creatinine level that patients must have dialysis. So that we can explain that why some patients accept dialysis with creatinine less than 600, and some patients accept dialysis more than 1000.

With the development of chinese medicine, more and more patients choose chinese medicine to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. Due to chinese herbal medicines has the functions of recovering kidney function and repairing damaged kidney. Patients will has no complications with the improved kidney function, so that it can achieve to avoid dialysis with chinese medicine.

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