How to Reduce Creatinine 5.6 with Kidney Failure Except Dialysis

Time :Apr 18, 2017    Views :147 Hello, doctor. I am diagnosed as kidney failure. My creatinine is 5.6. The doctor advises me to start dialysis in the near future. Also, my protein urine is 3+ and my blood urine is +. Besides, I have diabetes for ten years. Can creatinine 5.6 be remitted? What treatment except dialysis is fit for me? Would you give me some diet information?

Kidney failure is a serious kidney disorder in which the kidney had a worse renal function. So, the excess water, toxins and wastes produced by the body can not be got rid of. And thus, the poisons will be remained in the body.

In this situation, the renal function will become lower and lower, and the patients will have series of discomforts such as swelling, blood in urine, protein in urine, insomnia, back pain and so on. In addition to, the creatinine 5.6 shows us the kidney has been damaged badly as the creatinine is an important index of renal function.

These are reasons why the kidney failure patients need to manage the creatinine 5.6.

Dialysis is a common technology to alleviate symptoms like proteinuria, blood urine, creatinine 5.6 and others. But is leads to weakness, nausea, itching skin and other side effects. Moreover, patients have to be on dialysis termly as dialysis can not treat patients from the root.

Hence, what are other treatments to decrease the creatinine 5.6?

Foot Bath. This handier and safer therapy is to bath patients’ feet with the water which the essence extracted from Chinese medicines. It can carried out the unnecessary things through the skin by sweating. Then, the kidney will begin to regain.

Cycle Therapy. During the treatment, the gyrate cycles will be drawn with special medical mud on the active area which is found out in term of the classical Chinese medicine theories. Then, the toxins will be driven out.

Hot Compress Therapy. In the therapy, the unique herbs which will be picked up based on the patients’ illness conditions will be used to hot press patients’ Shenshu area for the sake of recovering the kidney function. Later, the renal recovery ability will be enhanced.

When the kidney is restored, the creatinine 5.6 is reduced, the patient will have a better life.

Limited by the length of the article, the diets for kidney failure patients will not offer to you. But, you can contact the ONLINE DOCTOR for the diet information freely.

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