Urine Protein : Creatinine Ratio 341 Means What For Kidney Failure Patients

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urine protein Urine protein : creatinine ratio us a test that looks for protein in the urine, a sign of kidney damage. The lower the better. Ref range: 0 to 200. 341 means that your urine protein is high. Controlling conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can help lower your protein albumin. Your doctor may change or increase your medicines to help treat these conditions. Remember to take all medicines prescribed by your doctor. Regular exercise, weight loss, and quitting smoking also help to improve urine protein.

The function of the urine protein: creatinine ratio is the same as 24 urine protein quantification. So it is widely used to diagnosis proteinuria.

Urine protein : creatinine ratio 341 means that your kidney has damages, so kidney disease patients should treat kidney disease, not only controlling the proteinuria. Kidney disease patients only take hormones to control the proteinuria, which is easy to relapse and develop into end stage renal disease. So repairing the broken glomerular filtration barrier can cure proteinuria from the root.

So how to repair broken glomerular filtration barrier for curing proteinuria from the root?

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine develops the systematic treatments to cure proteinuria through repairing broken glomerular filtration barrier. Chinese herbal medicines can penetrate inside kidney lesion to play their effects, which can achieve to supply the nutrients and oxygen to damaged kidney. So systematic treatments can recover kidney function and rebuild kidney structures to cure proteinuria.

All the complications can be relieve in 10-15 days, so if you are in proteinuria that you can consult the online doctor, or please contact:

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