Home Remedies Help Kidney Failure 3 Stage Patients Prolong Life Expectancy

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1. Following your doctor’s advice to take medicine

You should know that sulfanilamide and vitamin C will cause toxins on your kidneys. At the same time, do not take more medicine together, which maybe increase the damage to your kidneys. So pay attention on your medicine.

2. Choosing reasonable medicine to treat your cold in timely

There will be lots of immune complexes depositing in kidney disease patient’ body. For patients with poor physical fitness, immune complexes will deposit in your kidneys and cause damage on kidneys directly. Therefore, when you have a cold, you should take timely treatment in a standard hospital.

3. High quality protein

Kidney patients had better choose animal protein which can provide the enough high quality protein to supply your needed, lean meat and fish can supply essential amino acid.

4. Controlling diabetes and high blood pressure well

High blood pressure can damage your kidneys directly. Severe hypertension will lead to renal ischemia and anoxia, which will accelerate the process to end stage renal disease. And it also cause a series of complications. So it is very important to control high blood pressure well. Serious hypertension and diabetes can also lead to glomerulosclerosis and shrunk renal tubular. Finally uremia will occur. Thus, in your daily life, you should focus on your blood sugar and blood pressure. You must control high blood pressure and high blood sugar for a longer and better life.

The four tips are referred that are good for your disease, but the best way to treat kidney disease is to save your own kidneys, if you want to know how to save your kidneys in details that you can consult online doctor, or please contact:

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