How To Treat Uremia In The Early Stage

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Uremia is not a kind of Independent disease, but a series of clinical symptoms of End Stage Renal Disease. For many years experience, we can see that keeping residual kidney functions and appropriate treatments are very important to delay dialysis or kidney transplant.

For Patients with stable disease conditions


Medicines are prescribed to relieve symptoms and Complications, and controlling blood pressure and Blood Sugar in order to slow the progression of Disease and protect renal functions.


Eat a proper diet can help preserve Kidney function and improve Oral Health. Visit A Dietitian to develop a diet plan that it is reasonable Individualized to their specific physical and Disease conditions.

Generally limit Protein intake to reduce burdens on kidneys by producing less waste protect. Diet must be complete and nutritious including cereals, vegetables and fruits, but some Whole Grains, High Potassium and High Phosphorus content of fruit and vegetables must be limited if patients have abnormally high levels of Phosphorus and Potassium in serum.

Preparation for Dialysis

In the early stage of uremia, although appropriate Prevention Measures and treatments must be received to put off dialysis, patients should begin to prepare for this in case there's some serious disease conditions. It is recommended that fistula should be done months before hemodialysis and the blood flow of fistula allows patients to and from the dialysis machine.

Indicators for Patients with Dialysis

Hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis and hemodialysis are the two main Methods of Dialysis principle advantage of semipermeable Membrane and can help eliminate excessive fluid and wastes from the blood to purify the Environment and rectify Metabolic Disorders.

Renal transplant

Kidney Transplantation is the most effective Therapy for end-stage renal disease. It can help patients Recover Kidney function of uremic Symptoms so that they would be corrected by the transplanted Kidney Health.

Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicines are good options for patients in early stage uremia. Chinese medicine help relieve symptoms and delay the onset of disorders and can be used as dialysis. Treatments combination with Dialysis and Kidney Transplant help reduce side effects and rejection and improve Immunity of patients.

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