Chinese Medicine Help Prevent and Recover Kidney Cells effectively

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My Father has reduced the kidney of 8 cm, and now your creatinine level is as high as 284. What can we do to avoid Dialysis or Recover renal cells? Please help us.

Analysis of your case:

The normal Kidney size is 10 to 12 cm, you said that the size of the kidney is 8 cm, so that your kidneys have Shrunk. In this case, there are three types of renal cells in the kidneys, the injured, the Dead and the Healthy. Around more than 50 percent of the kidneys were severely damaged, he has a high creatinine level 284. In this condition. Due to your kidneys do not work well, so dialysis is suggested. Lots of toxins and waste build up in your blood, which can cause some serious complications or even Life threatening. But Dialysis is not the only Choice, there are still some other alternative treatments.

The Treatment of removal of toxins is a systematic Treatment of Chinese Medicine, including several Chinese Medicine Therapies. Compared with dialysis, this treatment is more natural, and it can remedy the renal function following their curative Effects.

Toxins and wastes are disposed out by the increased production of urine, feces and Sweat, which can help eliminate and decrease the blood creatinine level in some extent. In addition, some of the symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, itching of the skin and so on can be well controlled.

Some Therapies are also used to expend blood vessels and improve Blood Circulation by removing Blood Stasis, therefore, it can increase the blood volume in the kidneys and bring more essential elements, which may help repair the kidney renal cells effectively and improve renal function.

This treatment may also help regulate the immune system and prevent inflammation in the body. This can help protect the kidneys from damage.

Compared with Dialysis treatment, the Toxins-Removing Treatments is more natural, and it can help repair the renal Damage and Stop The Progression of the disease. Then your father can avoid Dialysis to live a Better Life.

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