Is It Possible To Stop Dialysis With Alternative Treatments

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Dialysis is the most common treatment for Kidney Disease. Help to discharge the excess fluid and waste out to relieve the symptoms of patients, such as nausea, vomiting, swelling and loss of Appetite to some extent. In addition, the Dialysis also brings some Side Effects such as Low Blood Pressure, infection, and muscle Cramps, etc. due to various reasons, increasingly want to stop Dialysis Patients. Well, Is it possible to stop dialysis with alternative treatments

More likely to stop Dialysis include urine volume of 100 ml and the kidney size greater than 6 cm. In this condition, we only have the possibility to avoid dialysis. However, the treatment choice is very important.

What treatments can help to stop Dialysis?

To stop dialysis, it is necessary to repair the damaged Kidney Tissue and improve renal function. Only when it improves renal function can be stopped dialysis. In order to improve renal function, here recommended Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), according to the specific condition of the patient, our experts Choose suitable Chinese medicines. Chinese Medicines will be first Micronized Powder and then placed in two medicinal bags. Patients only have to be in bed for this Therapy. With the help of the Machine of osmosis, the active ingredients in Chinese Medicines can directly reach the kidney injury. Through the dilation of blood vessels, Preventing inflammation and coagulation, removing Blood Stasis, providing nutrients and degrade the Extracellular Matrix, is able to stimulate the ability of Self - healing of Injured renal tissues and renal function gradually improved. When Improving the renal function, it is possible that the time of Dialysis Patient to reduce or even avoid dialysis. However, you should be patient. It is not easy to avoid Dialysis due to renal disease is a chronic and complex disease. You must cooperate with the doctor and make preparation for long Treatment time.

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