How to prevent recurrence of kidney disease

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How to prevent recurrence of kidney disease

Nephrotic patients are most concerned about two issues

One is how can let the indicators go down;another one is how not let the indicators go up again.

Each patient's treatment is not the same, depending on the patient selected hospital, but after treatment how to prevent the disease repeatedly, each hospital basically the same.

1.Not indiscriminate medication

No matter Chinese medicine and Western medicine, all the drugs have toxic, if eat too toxic drugs, not only can not protect the kidney, but also likely to stimulate the kidney, causing recurrence. It’s best to consult a professional kidney physician when it is uncertain whether the medication is at risk.

2.Not unauthorized drug withdrawal

Many patients taking hormones, see the indicators turned negative on their own drugs, withdrawal, the results their disease have relapse, so Whether can stop taking medication or not ,must be sure to talk to your doctor,not stop medication unauthorized

3.Timely laboratory review

After stable condition, can check the body index include , blood creatinine, urine protein ration.


1.Reasonable diet

Nephrotic patients in different periods of the nutritional requirements are different, such as the early need to add more protein, and later in order not to affect renal function but to reduce protein intake

2.Appropriate drinking water

Reasonable drinking water can effectively prevent recurrence of kidney disease.

3.Low salt diet

Suggest the habit of keeping a low salt diet in daily life

4.To ensure that sleep, do not be tired,avoid staying up late.

5.Often exercise, to maintain a good attitude.

6.Avoid infection, reduce infection is very important, for some chronic occult infection to be treated in time.

Above mentioned that method how to prevent recurrence of kidney disease, if you interested our treatment, please send email to or to chat with us on whatsapp 86-18395615012, we will try our best to help you.

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