Foot Bath is A Best Way To Treat High Creatinine

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Foot Bath is A Best Way To Treat High Creatinine

High creatinine is often regarded as a severe sign for kidney disease patients, so the patients will try many measure to lower the high level. Today, I am talk about a natural and effective treatment to reduce creatinine, hope to help the majority of patients recover soon.

Foot Bath is a very good treatment, because it is very comfortable, and foot bath can help to lower high creatinine. Chinese medicine treatment, and there are many unique and special Chinese medicines used in it, which can help stimulate the acupoints in feet, and the effective substances can come into his blood. With the increased blood circulation, it can help remove the toxins and wastes out with increased urine output and sweating via skin. It can effectively relieve symptoms, reduce creatinine levels, restore renal function.

Obvious curative effects of Foot Bath for kidney patients

•Improving Qi-blood circulation: this therapy can increase the amount of blood flow obviously, and this therapy can stimulate the acupuncture points in feet, which can improve patient’s Qi-blood circulation and immunity.

•Regulating blood pressure: Foot Bath Therapy can regulate patient’s blood pressure by promoting patient’s blood circulation. Besides, Foot Bath Therapy can also be sued to treat high blood pressure, and this therapy can avoid the side effects of treating hypertension by western medicines.

•Promoting metabolism: With the increased blood circulation, more hormones will be excreted by our endocrine glands, and then our body’s metabolism can be promoted.

•Improving sleeping: The increased blood flow can remove out the metabolic wastes from patient’s body,patient will fall asleep faster in a state of relaxation.

Beside, the other Chinese therapies are also very effective, for example, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is mainly used to repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. Once his kidney function is improved effectively, it can help lower the high creatinine effectively.

Foot Bath is a best way to treat high creatinine, if you want to know more details for our Foot Bath Treatment ,and other treatment, please send email to or to chat with us on whatsapp 86-18395615012, we will try our best to help you.

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