Sustainable Dialysis Patients Should Know Some Tips To Live Better

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Sustainable Dialysis Patients,Tips,Dialysis1. Before Dialysis, outpatients should bring tourniquets, antihypertensive drugs, candies, biscuits and other foods to deal hypoglycemia, and Baiduobang ointment for intubation patients when changing dressings. Take a bath one day before dialysis, change comfortable, clean and loose clothes and pants. If you have clothes to increase or decrease, you should weigh the weight of the clothes accurately so that the doctor can set the dehydration amount for you accurately.

2. During dialysis: patients fasting during dialysis because

(1) When eating or drinking water, it is easy to make food or water choke and choke and asphyxiate.

(2) Nuts in food may harm patients.

(3) When eating, body position rotation and high activity may pull the dialysis pipeline, causing the slippage of the hemodialysis needle or the pipeline falling off, causing hematoma and massive blood loss.

(4) The most important thing is that the blood in the circulatory system will concentrate on the digestive system when eating, leading to insufficient blood perfusion in the brain and other important organs, which will lead to dizziness and panic, and easily lead to symptoms of hypotension. Therefore, it is better to eat water before or after penetration. If you have drinking water, you'd better use a measuring cup to know how many milliliters of water you drank during dialysis. After dialysis, it is better to calculate the actual amount of dehydration.

3. End of dialysis: Blood pressure was measured and weight was weighed (the clothes worn were the same as those before dialysis). Observe the bleeding situation of puncture point diligently, and remember the time of bandage loosening for patients with direct puncture and arteriovenous fistula. You should bring your own weighing scale at home and keep track of your weight changes at any time.

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