Is It Necessary To Take Cold Medicine After Kidney Failure

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Take Cold Medicine,Kidney Failure,ColdEvery winter, when the temperature drops, many places become the "severe disaster areas" of influenza. Kidney Disease patients immunity are lower than ordinary people, so they become the high incidence. Once a cold, mild illness recurs, proteinuria rises, serious illness deteriorates and even accelerates to renal failure directly.

After a cold, many Kidney Disease patients encounter difficulties. They don't take medicine for fear that the deterioration of the condition will endanger the kidney function. They also worry that cold medicine will hurt the kidney. If they take medicine, what medicine should they choose?

Is it necessary to take cold medicine after suffering from nephrotic colds?

The cold itself will not directly damage the renal function, while the immunity of nephropathy patients is low, and there are inflammatory reactions in the body. The cold will aggravate the occurrence of kidney inflammation, lead to the increase of toxins such as immune complexes in the body, and also cause the recurrence of symptoms such as proteinuria, edema, and then accelerate the damage of renal function.

Common cold contains antipyretic and analgesic ingredients, and has a certain degree of nephrotoxicity. Generally, kidney friends do not recommend taking cold medicine immediately after a cold, and cold medicine mainly plays a role in relieving symptoms, can not cure a cold, usually about 7 days cold will recover by itself.

Drinking more water and having a proper rest during a cold can also help alleviate the cold. If there is a very serious situation, you must take medicine, you can communicate with the doctor before taking medicine, do not use drugs privately.

When choosing cold medicines, communicate with your doctor in advance. In addition, pay attention to the list of ingredients or instructions of cold medicines. Some patients with liver and kidney insufficiency are forbidden to use cold medicines.

Some Chinese patent medicines, such as Vitamin C Yinqiao tablets and Compound Ganmaoling, also contain certain paracetamol ingredients, pay attention to dosage.

These medicines are not the best, but if they are used, two principles must be remembered:

The dosage should be taken strictly according to the principle of proper dosage.

Don't take a variety of medicines together in order to get rid of the cold as soon as possible and not damage the kidney function. This will only backfire.

Early cold can be treated with antiviral drugs (such as Banlangen Granule, Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid, etc.), which can alleviate symptoms without worrying about kidney injury.

The key point of cold prevention is not treatment. Kidney friends should pay attention to reasonable diet, proper exercise, regular work and rest, improve immunity, maintain personal hygiene and avoid all kinds of infections. It is necessary to vaccinate in advance to effectively prevent and reduce the risk of recurrence and deterioration of kidney disease caused by cold.

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