What is Blood Pollution Therapy

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What is Blood Pollution Therapy

Polluted Blood Therapy starts from treating unhealthy blood instead of the kidneys.Why this therapy is called Polluted Blood Therapy? Because when treating kidney disease, we do not start from repairing the renal lesion, but from the patients' unhealthy blood contaminated with toxic and harmful wasts.To emphasize the specialty of this therapy,this therapy is named as Polluted Blood Therapy.

What Are the functions of Polluted Blood Therapy?

Polluted Blood Therapy is divided into three processes and the three treatment processes play different roles in treating kidney disease.

First treatment process:combined therapy of blood purification

Combined therapy of blood purification is used in this process.The key point of this process is to remove blood stasis and clear toxins, which can clear the clogged material adhering to the vascular walls and the toxins detained in blood.

Second treatment process:elements supplementation

The key point of this procedure is to supply different kinds of deficient elements as well as adopt those effective reparative medicine on the basis of the damaging condition of each kind of hemocyte, the damaging degree of blood coagulation and hematopoiesis mechanism, secretion and metabolism

mechanism.To make sure all kinds of blood cells can exist and grow effectively and restore the normal operation of the physiological mechanism.

Third treatment process:function rebuilding

The key point of this process is to recover the kidney function depending on the ability of self renewal of the human body on conditions of maintaining long time fluent blood circulating system and normal physiological mechanism.This process is aimed at making sure the blood won't be unhealthy again, and the various kinds of normal operating mechanism won't be damaged , in order to pave a good way for the repair of the injured renal inherent cells.It's a long-term process, so doctors and patients should prepare for the long-term treatment.

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