Do You Know What The Side effects To do Dialysis

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You know what dialysis side effects? We should all know a little , what is the purpose of dialysis , dialysis uremia late for what people do not need dialysis to maintain normal urination . Therefore , the families of many patients ask us, what are the side effects of dialysis , and today we bring you a look.

Hemodialysis , does not mean you can sit back and relax from uremic patients . On the contrary, dialysis is only a means to alleviate the patient's symptoms , and renal function can not be equal , uremia will not result in a cure. After a long period of hemodialysis patients with advanced uremia appear obvious systemic organ damage , and an increase in serious complications , poor quality of life and survival time is short , the original problem of kidney function loss exhausted . Moreover, with the increase in the number of dialysis patients on hemodialysis will have a strong dependence. With the further deterioration of renal function , dialysis frequency will be higher and higher, until the complete loss of renal function , the patient's life will come to an end .

What are the side effects of dialysis ? Peritoneal dialysis . Peritonitis and can easily cause a variety of complications

A, intubation complications: visible wounds bleeding, abdominal cavity with a small amount of bloody fluid gastrointestinal perforation , mild ileus after intubation , dialysis fluid leakage , the tunnel dialysis tube distortion, poor drainage dialysis , dialysis tube obstruction and shift bit and so on.

B, peritonitis : strict aseptic peritonitis can cause , is the most common complication of abdominal recurrent peritonitis, dialysis can reduce the area , and to peritoneal thickening , adhesions, decreased efficacy of dialysis , dialysis eventually fail .

C, vagal reflex symptoms : Some patients with bradycardia , hypotension and dyspnea vagal reflex symptoms at the time of entry or discharge dialysate .

D, back pain , abdominal pain, bloating , hypotension , pulmonary insufficiency.

E, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders , adhesions , such as aggravated hemorrhoids .

How, you have to remember what the side effects of dialysis ? So, if your family suffers from uremia , we must step up the treatment , must point to the need for dialysis , because by that time , not only the suffering of patients , family people will be tired heart.

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