Kidney Disease Patient:What Are The Long-Term Risks If I Do Dialysis

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Kidney dialysis is a lifesaving treatment for chronic kidney failure. The kidneys are organs responsible for filtering the waste material and excess fluid from the blood. Partial or total failure of these organs leads to accumulation of waste in the blood, causing increased blood pressure. In kidney dialysis, a special machine is used for removing accumulated excess fluid, harmful waste materials, and salt from the blood caused due to renal failure. This treatment helps in restoring the functions affected by the failure of the kidneys.

Kidney dialysis is of two types – hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In the former, a machine and dialyzer are used for filtering blood. In the latter, the abdomen is filling with a special cleaning solution, following which filtration of blood is done inside the body. In this treatment, patients of renal failure need proper diet. When a patient of renal failure is undergoing dialysis, the body loses protein. Hence, to maintain the adequate level of protein, a protein-rich diet is recommended. Patients of renal failure should contact the dietician for determining the proper renal diet required while undergoing treatment.

Risks of Kidney Dialysis

Patients of renal failure undergoing kidney dialysis face some associated risks and complications. Risks of kidney dialysis include muscle cramps. The risks of muscle cramps are mainly present only in the last half of the dialysis session. Patients of renal failure under treatment for kidney dialysis also have increased risks of developing hypotension. Hypotension risks are among the common risks that occur most frequently in women and in people older than 60. Nausea, headache, vomiting, and confusion can also be possible risks faced by the patients of renal failure. Some possible risks are listed below:

· Irregularity in heartbeat

· Formation of blood clots

· Headache

· Low blood pressure

· Muscle cramps

· Nausea

· Vomiting

· Infection

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