Can Chinese Medicine Remedy Intractable Proteinuria Naturally

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Can Chinese Medicine Remedy Intractable Proteinuria NaturallyProteinuria is that the protein flow into urine, so patients will have proteinuria. Proteinuria is commonly to see in kidney disease patients, which will accelerate the process to uremia. So for a longer and better life that we should make the proteinuria disappear.

Can chinese medicine remedy intractable proteinuria naturally?

Chinese medicine has thousands years of history in china, which has saved lots of patients to survive. Beijing Tongshantang Hospital develop the systematic treatments to treat kidney disease patients for more than ten years. It gather western technology and chinese medicine for kidney disease.

The systematic treatments uses chinese herbal medicines to repair the diseased cells and diseased tissues. The proteinuria means that the glomerular filtration barrier is broken. So we need to repair the broken glomerular filtration barrier with chinese herbal medicines. The dialysis or western medicines can only control the illness conditions that has no effects on improving and protecting kidney function.

Toxins-Removing Treatments help clear away the excess substance completely that there will be a clean and healthy internal environment. Which are beneficial for other treatments to play their effects.

Hot Compress Therapy has two bags fulfill with chinese herbal medicines powder. The chinese herbal medicines will penetrate inside kidney lesion to play its effects. It can help expend the blood vessels, improve blood circulation, promote the metabolism, which help repair the broken glomerular filtration barrier. So chinese herbal medicines can cure proteinuria from the root.

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