What Can We Eat To Reduce High Blood Urea Nitrogen

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What Can We Eat To Reduce High Blood Urea NitrogenWhat can we eat to reduce high blood urea nitrogen? It is commonly to asked by kidney disease patients. In fact, food have an important role in reducing BUN. I will introduce the food for you that hope it is helpful for you. And if you want to know that which can reduce BUN or not, you can consult the online doctor, or leave the message to us.

Urea is a waste protect of the digestion of the nitrogen. A BUN test measures the amount of urea nitrogen in blood, which indicate how well your kidneys and liver. BUN is easy to be effected by diet, so that i will introduce some of the foods for you.

Chinese cabbage, carrots and potato can help alkalize urine and reduce the side effects of high blood urea nitrogen. They are all beneficial for reduce high blood urea nitrogen and preventing lithangiuria.

Milk, egg white and lean meat all are the quantity protein, which are beneficial for supplying the nutrients and protein. In most conditions, a cup of milk, one egg white and 0.6g of lean meat is enough.

The foods that i recommend are helpful to reduce high blood urea nitrogen. If we want to reduce BUN that food can not solve the problem from the root. So we need the treatments to relieve the BUN.

Dialysis can not clear away all toxins and excess wastes, so we also need other treatments to reduce excess substance, which can not be removed by dialysis. Toxins-Removing Treatments is widely used in treating kidney disease, which will create a clean and health internal environments for patients. All the chinese herbal medicines used in the therapy come from nature. So it can reduce the BUN naturally.

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