Can Chinese Medicine Help Dialysis Patients To Relieve The Swelling In Eyes

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Can Chinese Medicine Help Dialysis Patients To Relieve The Swelling In EyesPuffy eyelids not only has bad effects on the vision, but also it causes difficult in washing face. This article will introduce the reasons of puffy eyelids in dialysis patients. What the reasons are that dialysis patients should take treatments as soon as possible.

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What are the reasons of dialysis patients having swelling in eyelids?

Healthy kidney can eliminate excess wastes and excess waster. The kidney function of dialysis patients are very low, so lots of patients clear away excess substance by dialysis.

Due to lack of dialysis frequency and take over fluid that there will build up lots of fluid to cause swelling in body. Some patients will have swelling in eyelids.

How to help dialysis patients to solve the swelling in eyelids?

1. increase the times of dialysis to relieve the complications that depends on patients’ accurate illness conditions.

2. The limits fluid has important effects for swelling of dialysis patients. To ask the doctor the best fluid volume to control the complications. Dietitian will give the personal goal guider to control the fluid for you.

3. the right treatments can help stop the damage to kidney again and improve kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can reduce the creatinine level naturally and relieve the complications, otherwise, it can help improve kidney function gradually to reduce the times of dialysis for avoiding dialysis.

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