What are Treatments to Remedy CKD with Swelling and Proteinuria

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What are Treatments to Remedy CKD with Swelling and ProteinuriaWhat are treatments to remedy CKD with swelling and proteinuria? You can find the answer in the article. Also, you can contact the ONLINE DOCTOR for useful information.

Why CKD patients have swelling and proteinuria?

CKD which is the short name of the Chronic Kidney Disease is a type of kidney disorder. It will arise as the kidney is injured bit by bit for many years. Usually, the patients won’t know that they are ill with CKD until they have many symptoms like blood in urine, back pain, proteinuria, swelling, etc. These discomforts will appear while the poisons which should be eliminated from body by the kidney are gathered in the body.

When the excess water is assembled in the part of the body, the patient will have a swelling.

In the meanwhile, the protein will be leaked into the urine due to the damaged renal function. The healthy kidney is able to prevent the protein from losing and take the protein back. Therefore, the proteinuria shows us the kidney has been damaged.

What treatments can remedy CKD with swelling and proteinuria?

Dialysis. Dialysis is one of the traditional treatment. It can filter the blood by a treatment machine. So, the harmful matters will be excluded in this way. As a result, the symptoms including swelling and proteinuria will be alleviated. But the dialysis leads to weakness, muscle cramp, itching skin and other adverse effects. In addition, patients have to be on dialysis termly until the kidney is recovered by other means.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a Chinese medicine external application treatment to assist the patients in repairing the renal function by improving the renal self-healing ability. During the treatment, the special herbs which are picked up based on the classical Chinese medicine theory and the patients’ correct illness conditions will be milled into powder for the sake of high using rate. After that, the herbs powder will be loaded into two medical bags which are placed at the patients’ Shenshu area. Last, the active material of the medical bags will enter the body to create a rewarding environment which are beneficial for the kidney to rebuild. When the kidney is restored, the swelling will be down, the proteinuria will disappear, and the patient will have a better life.

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