Why Nephrotic Patients Can't Take Drugs For Kidney Disease

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"I have Kidney Disease. Why do our doctors always prescribe drugs for cardiovascular disease? There are antihypertensive drugs, lipid-lowering drugs and antiplatelet agents. Is My kidney disease treated by cardiovascular drugs. Lots of patients consulted OUR online doctor this questions. Now, following this article to get the answer.

Some patients also sent photographs of the application of the instructions on the drug instructions, which proved that this statement is not false.

In fact, patients with kidney disease do not eat drugs for kidney treatment. Proving that you have a good doctor who will prescribe medicine.

Even if I didn't see the pictures from the patients, I knew that they were really a medicine for cardiovascular disease, because there is no medicine for kidney disease in the world at present.

Why no drugs for kidney disease?

There are two reasons for kidney damage. One is immune damage, the other is metabolic damage.

Two Immune injury is a problem in the immune system. It needs immunosuppressant therapy, such as hormones, tacrolimus, cyclophosphamide, cyclosporine, mycin and so on.

Metabolic injury is caused by hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, environmental pollution, nephrotoxic drugs and so on, and cardiovascular drugs are needed to treat it.

Treatment of kidney disease, mainly eat these two kinds of drugs.

Many patients know that kidney disease can be divided into "primary kidney disease" and "secondary kidney disease", secondary kidney disease is well understood, followed by lupus, purpura, gout and other diseases caused by kidney disease, that is to find the cause of kidney disease.

What is the primary kidney disease? It is also well understood that the cause of nephropathy is not yet found.

Regardless of chronic kidney disease, there are etiologies. Drugs are targeted at the cause of the disease.

The academic circle is very controversial, some scholars say it is useful, some say it is useless, how the effect is in the end, and how many interests are involved in it, even if no one can say it all.

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