Can Bubbles Disappear in Urine of Diabetic Nephropathy

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Can Bubbles Disappear in Urine of Diabetic NephropathyCan a diabetic nephropathy patient live a better life without bubbles in urine? What can we do to help them? What are the matters needing attention for diabetic nephropathy patients?

Diabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes as the high blood sugar injures the renal blood vessels every time. The renal function will become lower and lower in this case. Also, the harmful things will be retained in the body. Therefore, patients will be ill with swelling, blood in urine, protein in urine and other symptoms.

If the kidney is unable to take back the protein, the protein will be leaked, bubbles will be found in the urine. At the same time, the sugar will be seeped, it will promote the bubbles to form in the urine.

What should patients do to reduce the bubbles in urine?

Patients need to make the high blood sugar under controlled. They must protect themselves from the noxious factors which can lead to kidney damage. For examples, waking up at night, being tried, smoking, drinking, faction and so on.

What treatment can remit bubbles in urine?

Hot Pressure Therapy is to hot pressure the patients’ Shenshu area with the special Chinese medicine. The medicine is a mixture which are made with the herbs from nature. Then the the unnecessary things will be driven out and the renal self-cure ability will be stronger. When the kidney gets well, the protein will be remained in the body, the bubbles will fade away, the patient will live a high quality life.

How can I take the treatment? Can I accept the therapy in my country? How can I go to your hospital? What is the therapy cost? How long need I be in the treatment?

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