How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with 17% Renal Function

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How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with 17% Renal Function

Having 17% kidney function from diabetes means that the patient is currently in stage 4 kidney disease with very seriously decreased renal function. Untreated the patient has to start dialysis in the near future.

Though having 17% kidney function from diabetes is a quite severe situation, effective therapy is available to slow down or even stop the disease's further progression. In this way, Kidney Failure can be avoided.

How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with 17% Renal Function


Dialysis is not a perfect technology to treat patients, although it is able to filter the blood by a treatment machine and prolong patients’ life. As a matter of fact, dialysis can lead to weakness, itching skin, less urine volumes and other adverse reactions. What’s more, patients must be on dialysis cyclically.

2.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

In China, we mainly adopt traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to help manage the kidney disorder and ensure patient satisfactory curative effects.

How can TCM treat 17% kidney function from Diabetes effectively?

Firstly, advanced Blood Purification techniques are used to eliminate most of toxins and wastes out of the body. The options may include hemofiltration, immunoadsorption, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, etc.

Secondly, Chinese medicine and herbs can help further clean the blood and provide a favorable internal environment. This step provides a advantageous condition for further repairing the kidney damage.

Finally, TCM treatments like Hot Compress Therapy, acupuncture, full bath therapy, etc are adopted to repair the damaged kidneys and enhance the body's immunity. Overall renal function will be increased naturally over time. Treatment course varies with different patients.

In addition

Acupuncture is best way to treat diabetic nephropathy with 17% renal function also .

Acupuncture involves stimulating specific points on the body. This is most often done by inserting thin needles through the skin, to cause a change in the physical functions of the body. The goal of acupuncture is to stimulate the body to heal itself.

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