Do You Know What Is The Urine Protein

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Urine protein is a protein that is detected by the turbidity of the urine after acidification. Normal 24-hour urine protein range of ≦ 0.15g, conventional urine test protein was negative. Such as the detection of urine protein> 150 mg / day, that is, urine protein positive, indicating that the body of urine protein was significantly increased, are abnormal urine protein. Urine protein continues to be positive, often on behalf of the kidney lesions, it can be based on the number of urine protein positive to determine the extent of nephropathy and nephrotic treatment of the effect. Therefore, abnormal urine protein, must be effective control and elimination, to prevent the progression of disease progression.


When the glomerular, renal tubular disease, such as the stage of nephritis, nephropathy and hypertensive renal artery sclerosis, proteinuria can occur; a variety of bacterial infections, such as pyelonephritis, kidney tuberculosis, sepsis, etc. can also occur Proteinuria; non-infectious diseases such as kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease, renal amyloidosis and shock, severe muscle damage, fever, jaundice, hyperthyroidism, hemolytic anemia and leukemia, but also proteinuria.

Physiological proteinuria common in high protein diet, the spirit of excitement, strenuous exercise, prolonged cold, pregnancy, etc., may appear temporary proteinuria.

In general, persistent proteinuria often represents kidney lesions. The number of urine protein reflects the degree of disease, clinical observation can be used for observation. However, the need to point out that the glomerular lesions to the late, due to a large number of kidney unit waste, so that protein filtration decreased, but urinary protein examination will reduced or disappeared, it does not mean that the reduction of kidney disease.


If there is urinary protein, it is very dangerous, indicating that the kidney has a problem, the kidney is the body excretion of organs, if there are problems that affect the whole body, and even fatal. Urinary protein appears, there will be protein loss, the body part of the body there are a lot of protein, indicating that the protein is an important material of the human body, and the body of all the enzymes are proteins, it is an important material of human gene replication, Can not have no protein. If the loss of protein, then the body's body can not run properly, resulting in slow down the physiological function or even stagnation until death.

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