Suggestions On Delaying The Process Of Diabetic Nephropathy

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Diabetic Nephropathy,Process,SuggestionsThe treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy is mainly to control blood sugar, blood pressure and urine protein. It also includes lifestyle intervention, correction of lipid metabolism disorder, treatment of complications of renal insufficiency, dialysis therapy, Chinese medicine replacement therapy, etc.

1. Lifestyle change.

Combine work and rest, quit smoking and alcohol. They can take part in proper physical exercises to enhance their physique and prevent infection. In patients with obvious edema, high blood pressure or renal insufficiency, appropriate rest, regular follow-up and detection of weight, blood pressure and creatinine should be emphasized.

The diet emphasizes reasonable dietary structure, ensure reasonable and adequate intake of nutrition, maintain healthy and normal weight, and reduce the burden of islets. High quality, low protein, low salt, low fat, high calcium and low phosphorus diet should be given priority to, and sugar intake should be controlled.

2. To control blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Control Target: Blood Pressure Control Target for Diabetic Patients is 140/90 mmHg, and 130/80 mmHg for Young Patients or Patients with Nephropathy

3. Renal replacement therapy.

Once renal insufficiency occurs, treatment such as hypoglycemia, hypotension, kidney preservation and detumescence should be given to delay the progress of kidney diseases. Renal replacement therapy, including hemodialysis and kidney transplantation can be given, in China, most of patients take natural alternative treatment-Chinese Medicine. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used various of chinese herbal medicines to treat Diabetic Nephropathy, which can get good effects on controlling illness conditions and repairing damaged kidney.

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