About Nephrotic syndrome, There have what are the treatment methods

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In recent years, the incidence of nephrotic syndrome is getting higher and higher, including some people, are not found a good treatment of nephrotic syndrome, causing recurrent disease, give to the patient's family and their own health are caused very Large trauma, then, what are the treatment of nephrotic syndrome ? Here to see the kidney hospital experts for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, what are the introduction of it.
1.Treatment method of nephrotic syndrome for one

Commonly used prednisone, according to the type of disease, the patient's response to prednisone, were used for 8 weeks short course, 4-6 months of treatment and 9 to 12 months long course of treatment. Short course of treatment for the initial treatment of simple nephropathy, medium and long course of treatment for the recurrence of multiple nephropathy or nephritis nephropathy.
2.reatment method of nephrotic syndrome for two

Immunosuppressive inhibitors
Cases of poor hormone therapy or too large side effects can be combined with immunosuppressive therapy.
3.Hormone drugs
Side effects of hormone drugs: 1, body fat, 2, can cause osteoporosis, trigger osteonecrosis of the femoral head; 3, the body's resistance to decreased, blood glucose, corticosteroids, digestive tract ulcers, electrolyte disorders and so on.
4.Diuretic drugs
Serious edema can choose diuretic medicine, often can produce good diuretic effect.
5.The method of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine is good and the therapeutic effect is stable, ideal and no side effects.
TCM and Western medicine have different characteristics, but Western medicine treatment of multiple nephritis, nephrotic syndrome (syndrome), kidney failure, uremia and other kidney diseases do not have a particularly good method, Western medicine hormone such as drug treatment, the therapeutic effect of limited, side effects are larger, but not very ideal and the cost is not low, the illness repeated, can only symptoms can not cure, patients suffering, long-term will produce many complications; Dialysis method for treatment of uremia, kidney failure and other illnesses, long-term causes kidney organs will gradually atrophy, failure; Ultimately, the kidneys are transplanted, and the deposit and current is limited.
Micro-traditional Chinese medicine, foot bath, acupuncture, these traditional Chinese medicine treatment has a good effect, I hope you can experience the treatment of Chinese medicine

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