Hypertensive nephropathy can through diet therapy to slow down the condition

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The kidney is the root of the human body, which has the function of maintaining the balance of electrolyte in the body and the excretion of metabolic waste. The blood vessels of the kidneys are very abundant. If the inpidual blood pressure long time at a relatively high level has not been controlled effectively so it is easy to cause the emergence of hypertensive nephropathy, this will cause the effect on renal function, then the general hypertensive nephropathy patients in the diet should pay attention to what life can happen to slow the disease or reduce the harm to the body disease?

Steps / methods:

1 the first is bound to reduce the burden of kidney, but also because it is caused by hypertension so sure to reduce the intake of food can cause increased blood pressure, that is to limit the intake of salt, to eat MSG, pickles, pickled products, Beef in Brown Sauce, barbecue to eat less, daily salt intake is best is suitable in 2-3g.

2 at the same time should be high quality protein and vitamin supplements also can eat foods high in potassium ion buffered sodium ion, so you can eat some fish, chicken, lean meat, tofu, mushrooms, celery, lettuce, apples and pears, mushrooms or kelp food.

3 there is a low sugar low fat and low cholesterol diet, eat less animal fat and sweets, there is no smoking or drinking, smoking and drinking to avoid the damage to organs, and eat more fruits and vegetables moderate exercise is also very necessary to control blood pressure.

Matters needing attention:

Early prevention of hypertensive nephropathy this disease is very important, because the early blood pressure control can effectively avoid renal problems, so as to avoid the disease

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