What Rdverse Reaction Of Hormone therapy For Nephrotic Syndrome

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The adverse reactions of hormones were proportional to the dosage and duration of treatment. Using large doses of hormones for too long (> 3 months), irregular use of hormones, are prone to adverse reactions, and sometimes very severe. Common adverse reactions are as follows:

① complicated or aggravated infection more common in the condition of the heavier, weaker body. Because the patient's original resistance is poor, and hormones inhibit the body's defense function, it is conducive to bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi and virus infection occurred and spread. Therefore, in the long-term use of hormones, beware of concurrent infection. Hormones can partially cover the symptoms of infection, it is easy to delay diagnosis.

② hormones can cause water and electrolyte disorders, can also cause diuretic, but in the early stages of treatment, hormones have not yet played a diuretic effect, but will occur water, increased edema. Hormones can increase calcium and phosphorus excretion, reduce calcium absorption, long-term large number of applications, can cause osteoporosis, spontaneous fractures and sterile femoral head necrosis, should pay more attention.

③ digestive system complications can cause aggravating ulcer disease, and even induce bleeding and perforation, should be noted.

④ neuropsychiatric symptoms, can cause excitement, insomnia, individual can induce mental illness, may be appropriate to use sedative and other sedatives.

⑤inhibit growth and development.

⑥Long-term use of hormones can still induce cataracts, glaucoma, wound healing, thrombosis and embolism

Due to the physical differences of each person, may be the performance of kidney disease is also very different. But if you have some of the above symptoms, you should pay attention. Kidney is an important organ of our body, and kidney disease is difficult to cure. Be sure to pay more attention to health.

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