What Innovative characteristic therapy In Our Hospital

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Micro chemical infiltration therapy of TCM, which is the one big characteristic of innovative treatment in our hospital, its core technology is an effective prescription for superfine grinding of to treat kidney disease, the active ingredients of medicines to fully release and mixed, then using effective penetrant and osmosis devices, by topical, medicated bath, ultrasonic method, will effectively drugs into the renal lesion, achieve the goal of effective treatment for kidney disease.

This innovative treatment eliminates the toxic side effects of oral drugs, and achieves the goal of effective drug entry into the lesion. Clinical practice has proven both effective and convenient. Its treatment mechanism is: through the expansion of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, prevent thrombosis, blood viscosity, degradation of fibrosis material, such as blocking renal fibrosis progression, repair the damaged inherent cells and renal function, rebuild the kidney structure.

1, the micro Chinese medicine

The biggest difference between Chinese traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is the "microchemical" treatment, which is simply a more subtle, more absorbent Chinese medicine. It through the use of advanced processing superfine pulverizing, Chinese drugs that will shatter be micron grade granules, will eventually be Chinese traditional medicine processed into super fine powder, after processing of traditional Chinese medicine has a good solubility, dispersion, adsorption, chemical reactivity, etc.

Through special processing of traditional Chinese medicine has better pharmacological activity, can give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, make broken Chinese medicine chain effective link again, form new features. At the same time, it also targets the damaged glomeruli basement membrane, which removes the immune complex and diseased tissue deposited in the basement membrane and repair the damaged basement membrane.

2, seepage treatment

Osmotic treatment is the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment therapy, Chinese medicine external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the characteristic therapy, the operation is simple, economical and practical, curative effect is distinct, the characteristics of few side effects, especially for patients without and critically ill patients and patients with oral drugs, etc., is a commonly used treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

On the basis of inheriting the treatment of traditional Chinese traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment method has been developed. Choose (high frequency) in the advanced electronic instrument as physical therapy equipment, intermediate frequency electric current produced by intermediate frequency electrical therapeutic apparatus can improve the organization of membrane and membrane permeability, smooth drug molecules penetrate the human body, drug molecules in a local skin heap; These drug molecules can stimulate the peripheral nerve and meridional acupoints of the skin, which can be used for the treatment of local and distant sites. After the drug permeates the lesion tissue, the drug can be used in the local tissues immediately. And, more importantly, the intermediate frequency current import is drug molecules in the body, is beneficial to maintain the integrity of the compound Chinese medicine, exert its compatibility of coordination pharmacological effect, to ensure effective treatment.

In this way improve traditional external treatment methods, effectively improve the speed and quantity of drugs into human body, solves the problems of slow topical treatment effect, give full play to the topical treatment of simple operation, no side effects, such as pain in patients with small advantage, make the treatment more effective.

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