Can Nephrotic Syndrome With Severe Edema Be Cured By Chinese Herbal Medicines

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Can Nephrotic Syndrome With Severe Edema Be Cured By Chinese Herbal MedicinesPatient: hi, doctor. My son has nephrotic syndrome last year, he is on medications okay now.

Doctor: does he have blood in urine, protein in urine?

Patient: yes. But now he is feeling dizziness and has difficulty in recollecting his lessons.

Doctor: his age?

Patient: 16 years old.

Doctor: does he have swelling in his body?

Patient: yes.

Doctor: do you know the creatinine level ?

Patient: the creatinine level is normal.

Doctor: due to his illness conditions, do not worry it can be cured with no relapse. He is in the early stage of kidney disease, there is a big hope to cure the protein in urine, and blood in urine, swelling.

Patient: what treatments should he accept?

Doctor: we need to repair the diseased glomerular filtration barrier to stop the blood and protein in urine, so that the complications can be cured from the root.

Patient: how can he achieve that?

Doctor: the systematic treatments have good effects on relieving the complications through supplying the oxygen and nutrients to diseased cells and diseased tissues, so that the kidney function can be improved naturally.

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