What Are The Common Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome

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nephrotic syndromeLots of disease factors may cause nephrotic syndrome. In most conditions, we can diagnosis nephrotic syndrome:

1. protein in urine is > 3.5g/d

2. Plasma albumin is < than 30g/d

3. Swelling

4. Hyperlipidemia

If you have 1 and 2 that you are nephrotic syndrome patients. Every nephrotic syndrome patients all want to know the life expectancy. And complications have the important effects for life expectancy. So i will introduce the common complications of nephrotic syndrome.

What are the common complications of nephrotic syndrome?

1. Infection

In general, hormones treatments do not need antibiotic for preventing infection. Once there is infection in patient that we should choose antibiotic to control the illness conditions.

2. thrombosis and embolism complications

In general speaking, Plasma albumin< 20g/L, patients need medicine to anti-freezing, antiplatelet.

3. acute kidney failure

If the functions of nephrotic syndrome patients reduce quickly, which is very dangerous, if with no right treatments that it will threaten the life. Patients can take some medicine to recover.

(1) Loop diuretics

(2) hemodialysis

(3) Primary disease treatment

(4) Alkaline urine

4. protein and fat metabolism disorder

It is difficult to adjust metabolism to normal level, but we should adjust protein and fat in diet. Now, there are lots of medicine can treat protein and fat metabolism disorder. Such as: ACEI and angiotensin II receptor antagonists can reduce urinary protein.

In most conditions, all the complications can be relieved with western medicine, but, it is easy to relapse again and again. So we need to repair damaged kidneys that there will be big hope to avoid the complications of relapse.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can rebuild kidney structure, repair diseased cells and tissues, improve kidney function. So it can cure nephrotic syndrome with no relapse.

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