Creatinine 2.1 In Nephrotic Syndrome, Is It Dangerous

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Creatinine 2.1,Nephrotic SyndromeCreatinine is a waste product and should be removed out by kidneys. When there is a kidney damage, serum creatinine level will be higher. So elevated serum creatinine level is an indicator of impaired kidney function. Is creatinine 2.1 in Nephrotic Syndrome dangerous? Of course, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

But high creatinine level does not occur immediately when there is kidney damage in Nephrotic Syndrome patients. Creatinine level will not elevate until at least 50% or even 75% kidney function has been lost. In view of this, serum creatinine level can not be regarded as the final criteria to see if your kidney function has been damaged and the damage degree. In Nephrotic Syndrome, sometimes serum creatinine level does not increase even after you suffer from this disease for years. The obvious symptoms in Nephrotic Syndrome is edema and protein in urine.

What are the natural treatments for nephrotic syndrome?

In terms of natural treatment for creatinine 2.1 in nephrotic syndrome patients, we recommend Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy has six steps:

1. Immune diagnosis

Immune diagnosis can help us make a more accurate diagnosis of your kid’ s specific illness condition. Then, it helps us to make an effective treatment plan for your kid.

2. Immune blockage

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of immune system disorder. With abnormal immune system, excess immune response will occur and cause kidney damage. It is important to inhibit immune inflammatory response, stop inflammatory reaction and stop kidney damage.

3. Immune clearance

This step helps you remove toxins and immune complexes from your body with immune clearance technologies including immune adsorption, plasma exchange, hemoperfusion and hemofiltration, etc.

4. Immune tolerance

This means letting your kidneys to accept the fact that immune complexes deposit in the kidneys. Its aim is to prevent the relapse of immoderate inflammatory reaction.

5. Immune regulation

Western medicines cannot eliminate harmful substances from your body but Chinese medicines can remove harmful substances. Chinese medicines can also adjust your immune system and enhance the ability to clear away pathogenic foreign bodies through reinforcing qi an d nourishing your blood.

6. Immune protection

This step is to protect the damaged kidney intrinsic cells and tissues. Western medicines are used to control symptoms. When symptoms are under control, special Chinese medicines like Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Soup, Mai Kang Mixture and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are used to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function.

Immunotherapy can treat creatinine 2.1 in nephrotic syndrome well with no relapse.

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