What Size Of Kidney Cyst Must Be Surgery,If I Get This Disease What should I do

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Not long ago unit medical examination, found my right kidney has a 7.3 × 5.7cm cyst, but I usually do not have any feeling of discomfort. Some doctors think that as long as the superficial, at any time to observe, and some doctors recommend surgery to remove. It makes me very contradictory. I should now do surgery, or continue to observe, how can prevent cysts continue to grow up?

The treatment of renal cysts must take into account the extent of adverse effects of cysts on the kidneys and the body, depending on the size and development of cysts.

If the cyst is smaller (diameter less than 5cm), no kidney substance or renal pelvis obviously pressure, no infection, malignant transformation, patients with hypertension people do not advocate surgery, can do a regular B-ultrasound follow-up observation.

If the cyst is larger (larger than 5cm in diameter) or has the obvious oppression of the kidney, infection, such as performance, should be operative treatment, surgery include: B-Ultrasound or CT-guided puncture injection sclerosis, kidney cyst removal, the current laparoscopic renal cyst removal due to small trauma, rapid recovery, has become the first choice of renal cyst surgery.

From your letter to see, cysts have been larger, it is best to consider surgery, I hope you can recover soon.

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