How to do acupuncture, and what functions of acupuncture

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Acupuncture as a complex therapeutic system has been used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Now, acupuncture has become a very hot popular in western countries as a natural therapy for chronic diseases, including kidney disease.

How Does Acupuncture is performed?

Acupuncture is Applied with Needles. This field features the pricks of needles on acupuncture point (acupoint for short) to adjust the organic functions and clear the energy channels of obstruction in our body.

In ancient China, it was called 'Bian Shu', a treat method with stone needles which then evolved into the bone, bamboo, and metal. Now it is popular to use stainless steel and silver needles among the doctors of Chinese medicine. They are so fine that the length is 15 - 125 millimeters and the diameter is 0.28 - 0.45 millimeters.

After analyzing your medical condition, the therapist will use special medical needles to stimulate the corresponding meridians. Many foreigners are scared by the pictures of acupuncture needles. Don't worry. The insertion is not terrible and you just feel a Mosquito bite, not sharp pain. And after a few minutes, you will feel nothing. This is the Chinese medicine mystery.

In Chinese medicine, Acupuncture has three major functions, and they are dredging meridians, regulating yin and yang, strengthening body immunity and eliminating pathogenic factors.

1. This therapy can help make the obstructed meridians unimpeded, so to guarantee patients’ body health and promote their metabolism.

2. The appearance of diseases in our body is due to complex changes in our body, but it can be boiled down to the imbalance of yin and yang. While this therapy can regulate patient’s yin and yang, which can help correct patient’s overall health.

3. The root cause of many kidney diseases are immune disorder and the pathogenic factors in our body. This therapy can help improve our immunity and eliminate the pathogenic factors, which is very helpful for promoting our body health.

Hence, it is wise that patients with kidney failure to choose Acupuncture to control disease by increasing kidney function by the time. Patients can get a better and longer life in this way. Be free to contact us with any doubt.

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