The Critical Stage To Shrink Kidney Cysts With Chinese Herbal Medicines

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Polycystic kidney disease is an genetic kidney disorder, which is marked countless of big and small cysts. PKD patients will develop into end stage renal disease with no effects treatments, so which is the critical stage to shrink kidney cysts with chinese herbal medicines?

What is the growth stage of kidney cysts?

1. Occurrence period

PKD is hereditary kidney disorder, people get kidney cysts with born, kidney cyst is small, before 20 years old that it is not easy to be found. If there are lots of PKD PATIENTS that you should do test in early, pay attention on the growth of kidney cysts.

2. Growing period

In most conditions, the growth stage of kidney cysts are 30-40 years old. Western medicine has no good effects on this stage, doctor all think that it is no need to treat kidney cysts, they only give some medicine to control the symptoms, such as, high blood pressure. You should try your best to take active treatments for shopping the growth of kidney cysts, or delay the growth of kidney cysts for prolonging life expectancy, which can be achieved by improving blood circulations and clearing away stasis with chinese herbal medicines. It also can be said that it is the critical stage to delay the growth of kidney cysts with chinese herbal medicines.

3. Tumescence phase

When kidney cysts are more than 4cm that patients commonly have back pain, high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria, etc. It is the critical stage to treat PKD with chinese medicine and western medicine. Patients can choose chinese herbal medicines to purify pollution blood, clear away stasis in blood, which can reduce the source of kidney cysts fluid for protecting kidney functions. So tumescence phase is the key stage to choose chinese medicine and western medicine.

4. Rupture period

If the cyst continues to grow, some external causes may cause ulceration and collapse. After that, it should be hospitalized immediately, controlling infection actively, preventing sepsis and acute deterioration of renal function, so as to help other symptomatic treatments.

5. Uremia period

Taking treatments to control the complications, if illness conditions are very seriously that dialysis is recommended.

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