Cure Intractable Edema In Chronic Nephritis With Desmodium

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Cure Intractable Edema In Chronic Nephritis With DesmodiumThe end stage of chronic nephritis is chronic kidney disease, which is impossible to be cured. the kidney is not damaged seriously than CKD, so that there is a big hope to cure chronic nephritis with no relapse. This article will tell how to cure intractable in chronic nephritis.

Why patients’ have intractable edema?

The glomerular filtration barrier is broken that there are lots of protein in urine, due to the function of protein to water that patients are edema. Traditional western medicine can not repair the damaged glomerular filtration barrier that the protein and edema are easy to relapse.

What treatments can cure the intractable edema with no relapse?

Desmodium is one kind chinese herbal medicine, which is widely distributed in china and has thousands years of history. It has obvious effects on relieving the edema. Not only desmodium is in Foot bath, but also there are lots of other chinese herbal medicines. The function of desmodium including:

1. increase urine output and relieve the edema

2. Anti inflammation

3. Improve the immunity

4. Clear the heal and toxins

5. Relieve the back pain and headache

Foot bath is an external application with chinese herbal medicines in hot water. Patients need to put the feet in bath and with foot massage. It will stimulate the acupoints on feet, which are beneficial for the active ingredients to body. Chinese herbal medicines in Foot bath can help patients to clear away the excess substance completely, ans repair the diseased cells and diseased tissues with the blood flow to kidney.

After several times treatments, the edema and protein in urine will disappear, which achieved good effects on kidney disease. Due to chinese herbal medicines can repair the damaged glomerular filtration barrier that it can cure intractable edema with no relapse.

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