You Should Pay Attention On The 5 Symptoms Of Chronic Nephritis

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Symptoms Of Chronic Nephritis ,Chronic NephritisChronic Nephritis is a kind of nephritis, chronic nephritis is generally more insidious, so it is important to know the early symptoms of nephritis, so that we can prevent the occurrence of nephritis as soon as possible. Lumbar pain, hematuria, edema of the face and scrotum are all early symptoms of nephritis.

Symptoms of chronic nephritis:

1. There are differences in urine: the urine of patients with nephritis is significantly different, occasionally there will be bloodstains, or visible to the naked eye, but sometimes not, and urine will appear turbid phenomenon.

2. Mental state is not good: because the appearance of nephritis, kidney function will be impaired, so lead to ischemia and hypoxia, so people will generally show dizziness, anemia, work listlessness, lack of enthusiasm.

3. Systemic symptoms: Most chronic nephritis is acute, and there will be chills and fever symptoms, and sometimes the body temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius, chronic nephritis patients with general weakness, loss of appetite, but also accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache and abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

4. Local aches and pains of the body: because the kidney is an important organ of the body, its basic function is to produce urine, so as to remove metabolites and certain waste, poisons, and at the same time through re-absorption function to retain water and other useful substances, located in the shallow fossa on both sides of the retroperitoneal spine, specifically, should belong to the back, so The most obvious symptom of a person with nephritis is abdominal pain or back pain. But not necessarily back pain is caused by nephritis, other diseases may also cause this symptom.

5. Physiological reaction: patients with nephritis should know that the frequency of general toilet has increased, often have frequent urination, urinary pain symptoms, but can not rule out the phenomenon of oliguria anuria, sometimes accompanied by abdominal discomfort.

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