What Kinds Of Symptoms Indicate Chronic Nephritis

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Chronic Nephritis,Symptoms1. Foam urine. The emergence of foam urine is mainly due to protein in the urine, and protein loss is related, it should be urine protein increased liquid surface strength, all nephritis nephropathy patients will appear foam urine, characterized by foam for a long time.

2. Edema. edema is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease, but it is not the only symptom. For edema is still common in many patients, the location of edema is generally, eyelids, legs, ankles can be seriously visible ascites. For chronic glomerulonephritis, there are generally two reasons for edema. One is caused by protein loss, the other is caused by the decrease of glomerular filtration rate and the inability of water and sodium in tissue space to be discharged in time.

3. Weakness. In fact, it is one of the earliest signs of chronic nephrotic edema, but because fatigue is a common manifestation in life and learning, no one or we tend to ignore the performance of fatigue, suggesting that if there is occasional edema in the near future, often fatigue, physical decline, timely hospital check-up.

4. Hypertension. Hypertension is one of the high-risk cardiovascular chronic diseases in middle-aged and old people. For some young people, unexplained hypertension may occur. The incidence of hypertension also needs to be related to the kidney, mainly because of the elevated blood pressure caused by renal parenchymal lesions and renal artery lesions.

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