How to get away from recurrent FSGS

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It is an excruciating issue for someone suffered from FSGS, in especial, when it comes back easily after treatment. It is more likely to quicken the renal function decline and onset of kidney failure. Since there are a great number of people under the same condition, then how to prevent FSGS relapse becomes the most urgent problem they want to deal with. In the following contents, let us have a accurate awareness of FSGS.

Causes of FSGS relapse

FSGS is an immune-mediated disorder resulting from disordered immune system that fails to work normally and then causes deposits of immune complexes in filtering units in kidneys. Those immune complexes considered as toxin will cause inflammation of kidneys,thus result in renal function deterioration.

The conventional treatments in western medicines mainly focus on controlling symptoms like proteinuria, high blood pressure and edema. Also, immunosuppressive agents are used to suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys.These treatments can slow the progression of the disease to some extent.

However,damaged immune system is unable to protect us from external attack as usual and as a result any triggering factors can initiate inflammatory response in kidneys such as cold, urinary tract infection etc. Therefore, the patients are at high risk of FSGS relapse.

How to prevent FSGS relapse?

The most crucial thing you are supposed to do is to improve your renal function radically. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied in helping kidney disease patients strengthen renal function through a natural way. During the process, renal doctor will put a small medicated bag on your low back area for about 40-50 minutes. And each acupoint aims as one organ, the area we selected is aiming at kidney. From this way, kidney function is impaired through extending blood vessel, promoting blood circulation, anti-freezing, anti-inflammation.

If you are interested in more detail about Chinese therapies and seeking for professional assistance, why not send us an email with your recent report or find an online doctor.

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