What does Creatinine 5.6 Mean

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What does Creatinine 5.6 MeanCreatinine is a kind of human metabolite. Only a few serum creatinine comes from outside environment. Also, the creatinine will be eliminated from body by the kidney. Therefore, the creatinine gives an index to renal function.

According to the clinical studies, the creatinine won’t go up unless the glomeruli of the kidney have been ruined more than 1/3. So that, the creatinine 5.6 means the kidney is damaged badly.

As a matter of fact, the kidney is an important tool to keep the human body clean and balance. Hence, we will have a broken internal surrounding while the injured renal function. Patients may suffer from anemia, vomiting, fatigue and others symptoms.

Now, what can I do to reduce the creatinine 5.6?

Dialysis is a common technology to remit creatinine 5.6. But it can lower the renal function and make the kidney atrophy. And thus the creatinine will become higher and higher.

The renal doctors of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital can decrease the creatinine 5.6 by Foot Bath, Hot Pressure Therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, etc. All these treatments are able to exclude the harmful things hiding in the body and help the kidney repair.

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