Is There Any Way To Reduce Creatinine Naturally?

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Is There Any Way To Reduce Creatinine Naturally?Patient: hi, doctor, is there any way to reduce creatinine naturally with out dialysis?

Doctor: how is your creatinine?

Patient: creatinine 7.75

Doctor: do you have high blood pressure?

Patient: yes, i have.

Doctor: is there protein in your urine?

Patient: yes, i have proteinuria.

Doctor: do you have swelling?

Patient: swelling in my foot.

Doctor: your kidney is damaged seriously. There are many toxins and excess wastes in your blood. Do you start to have dialysis?

Patient: no, doctor, i take hormones to control the illness conditions.

Doctor: not only reducing the creatinine level that you should pay attention on, but also the proteinuria, swelling problem that you should concern.

Patient: what treatments should i have?

Doctor: for your illness conditions, i recommend the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you, which can help clear away the excess substances out, repair the diseased cells and diseased tissues for improving kidney function. Otherwise, the chinese herbal medicines can help control the blood pressure well.

Patient: can this therapy reduce creatinine 7.75? can it relieve the proteinuria?

Doctor: yes, it can remove the excess substance out completely that it can reduce the creatinine level naturally. Chinese herbal medicines can treat proteinuria well through repair the glomerular filtration rate.

Patient: can i avoid dialysis?

Doctor: there is a big hope to avoid dialysis. Whether you can avoid dialysis or not that depends on your illness conditions.

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