How Can I Make The Baby Safely With Kidney Disease

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How Can I Make The Baby Safely With Kidney DiseaseA new baby is the new hope for any family that it can brink the happy to whole family. But pregnancy will increase a lot of press to your body, who has kidney disease or kidney failure. So that it will make you and the baby dangerous. More and more kidney disease patients want to know, how can i make the baby safely with kidney disease?

Are you thinking about the pregnancy? If it is that, you can consult the local doctor that you need to tell them your illness conditions. Or you can also consult the online doctor. All the doctors will give the answer that depends on your illness conditions. There are lots of things to think about, and lots of things affect the healthy of you and the baby such as:

A: the kidney disease stage

B: Your illness conditions

C: Age

D: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure

E: Other serious healthy illness conditions

F: Proteinuria

Now this article will give brief to the answer.

1. Which stage can kidney disease patients have the pregnancy?

Kidney failure 1-2 stage, no high blood pressure and there is less or no protein in urine. They can have the healthy pregnancy.

Kidney failure 3-4 stage, which have the higher risk than before, if you want to have the pregnancy that you need to consult the online doctor, or please contact to local doctor.

Proteinuria means that the glomerular filtration barrier is broken that it is dangerous to have the baby. But, we can repair the glomerular filtration barrier relieve the proteinuria, which can make the baby again.

How to relieve the proteinuria in kidney disease effectively?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at repair the glomerular filtration barrier to relieve the proteinuria with chinese herbal medicines. Active ingredients will penetrate inside kidney lesions to play their effects to repair the damaged kidney. It can help expend the blood vessels, improve blood circulations, promote the metabolism and so on.

2. can dialysis women have the pregnancy?

Women with kidney failure are usually advised against becoming pregnant. If you already on dialysis have the pregnancy that you should pay attention on it, have more dialysis times, and listen the doctor’ advice.

3. can kidney transplant women have the pregnancy?

Yes, if you have the regular menstrual periods and good general health, therefore it is possible. At least one years of the transplant that you can due to the conditions to make the baby and listen to the doctor. If the kidney transplant fail that it can not be recommended.

Well, if you also want to know more about how to make the baby safely that you can consult the online doctor, or please contact:



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