What Stage of Kidney Disease: Creatinine 5.4 in Purpura Nephritis

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What Stage of Kidney Disease: Creatinine 5.4 in Purpura NephritisPatients’ creatinine is 5.4 that what stage of kidney disease. We are asked by this question, so we give the analysis below. You can read this article or consult the online doctor.

What stage of kidney disease if creatinine is 5.4 in Purpura Nephritis?

In general speaking, patients are diagnosed to creatinine 5.4 that they are in kidney failure 4 stage. It is the end stage of kidney failure. As kidney capacity declines that patients will have a series of serious symptoms, such as protein in urine, swelling, blood in urine, high blood pressure, joint pain and so on. If with no right treatments to treat kidney disease in timely, the illness conditions will be more worse than before. In finish, patients will enter into end stage renal disease.

Creatinine 5.4 is in purpura nephritis, is there any treatments for preventing kidney failure?

In western medicine, there is no effective treatments to avoid kidney failure. However, lots of experts developed the systematic treatments for more than ten years, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of natural treatments.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation of chinese medicine. It is different from traditional oral chinese medicine, which is an external application with chinese herbal medicines. Patients need to lie on the bed with two bags on shenshu area.

It can achieve to recover kidney function, so high creatinine can be reduced from the root and with no relapse.

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