Herbs Increase GFR in Kidneys To Reduce Creatinine Level Naturally

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 treatmentsGFR and creatinine levels are the two important measurements of renal function, GFR is lower than normal level that means your kidney function is losing, creatinine level is higher than normal level that means your kidney function is damaged gradually. So more and more patients want to know that what herbs increase GFR in kidneys to reduce creatinine level naturally.

GFR measures the amount of blood is filtered by kidneys per minutes. If GFR declines, less blood will be filtered by kidneys, so the creatinine level will be higher than normal level.

In most cases, the kidney damaged is not one day, it is a long and slow process to kidney failure stage, so it is divided into three stage: inflammatory response stage, fibrosis stage, scarring stage.

1. Inflammatory response stage: kidney structure has not been changed yet. If the inflammatory response can not be stopped that the inflammatory factors will infilter into kidney tissues to damage kidney. In this stage, kidney function does not decline, GFR and creatinine still keep in normal range.

2. Fibrosis stage: kidney disease develops into fibrosis stage, there will be lots of extracellular matrix forms in body, and more and more healthy kidney cells will be replaced by fibrosis tissues. As a result, kidney function is losing, and creatinine level goes up, so GFR decreases.

3. Scarring stage: in this stage, kidney tissues will become scarred, there will be more and more scarring cells and tissues in kidneys, so kidneys will not able to filter blood, and more and more toxins and excess wastes builds up in body to cause high creatinine level.

Herbs to lower creatinine levels and raise GFR in the following ways:

1. anti inflammation

Herbs has anti inflammation function, they can clear away inflammatory factors in body, and stop them infilter into kidney cells and tissues. As a result, it can stop the damage to kidneys.

2. Supplying nutrients and oxygen to damaged kidney.

Herbs has rich nutrients, which can supply enough nutrients and oxygen to diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney function.

3. Degradation extracellular matrix

Lots of extracellular matrix build up in kidneys, which is replacing healthy kidney cells and tissues gradually, herbs can degradation extracellular matrix to active the growth of kidney cells.

4. Retrieve the self-healing system

herbs can help the body retrieve the self-healing system of body. Thus, the impaired kidneys will be regenerated to improve kidney function. If the kidneys can work well, which can improve GFR and reduce creatinine level.

Herbs can reduce creatinine level and improve GFR. The doctor will pick up various chinese herbal medicines that depends on your illness conditions. So you should not take medicine by yourself that you should consult your doctor.

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