Is Dialysis A Must For Creatinine 6.8

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“Is Dialysis a must for Creatinine 6.8?” one patient consulted our online doctor, he told us that he did not want dialysis, he was searching alternative treatments to avoid dialysis, after he knew Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that he consulted us.

In clinical, creatinine 6.8 is considered as one of the most indicator of kidney failure. Of course, patients need to do examinations in systematically and completely to make sure the accurate illness conditions. In generally speaking, creatinine 6.8 patients have lots of excess wastes and toxins, which will cause inflammation reaction, and reduce the effects of any treatments. Otherwise, it is common to see patients in back pain, high blood pressure, proteinuria, fatigue in kidney disease patients. Due to severe complications, some patients take dialysis in early, however, some patients have no uncomfortable.

If patients want to avoid dialysis for a high quality life that right treatments are must.

In china, chinese medicine has thousands years of history, which widely used to treat kidney disease. Dialysis is related to creatinine level and complications, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on chinese medicine to reduce creatinine level, control illness conditions, which can achieve to improve kidney function and rebuild kidney structures.

If kidney functions can be recovered naturally that creatinine 6.8 will be reduced effectively, and all complications can be relieved in 10-15 days.

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