Creatinine Reduced From 537 To 346, BUN Reduced From 30.3 To 14.6

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Creatinine 537,BUN 30.3,DialysisLots of kidney failure patients think that dialysis is the only option for high Creatinine, which can treat their illness conditions well. In fact, dialysis is not the only and the best for all kidney failure patients. Here, i will share one story about Alice, who chose chinese medicine treated Creatinine 537 and BUN 30.3 well from the root. Or you can consult ONLIEN DOCTOR directly to know more in free.

Alice is a 35 years old patient with renal insufficiency. The local hospital suggested that she began dialysis, but she refused. When she learned that Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been able to help many patients to avoid dialysis, so she decided to try.

When she arrived at our hospital, her creatinine was 537 umol / l, BUN was 30.3 mmol / l, and the level of URIC ACID was 422 umol / L.

Navel Therapy, one characteristic of our treatments, was adopted to help improve their condition. This therapy is applied to Navel moxibustion, which can help the active ingredients of the drug to penetrate into the body through the skin to strengthen the re Nal and Invigorate Qi and Blood.

In addition, we used the Steam Therapy. It can make you sweat. And also can make the Drugs enter the Steam and then Infiltrate the blood and kidneys through the skin to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Dialysis is not the only option for Patients with renal failure.

After 15 Days of treatment, the level of creatinine was reduced to 346umol / l, BUN dropped to 14.6 mmol / L and the URIC ACID levels returned to normal Range.

From the case Alice, we can see that when the creatinine increases to more than 500 umol / l or 600 umol / l, we can try some Alternatives treatments to stabilize the creatinine level or even Lower.

Dialysis is the only option for Patients with renal failure? No, it is not, but the former treatment is only available in China. If you want more information about our Hospital and our treatment, you can send your report and phone to, or leave a message below that our doctor will analysis it for you in free. Of course, you can contact us directly:

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