The Best Treatment For High Creatinine In Renal Failure

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High CreatinineToday the Chinese therapy is considered as the most popular Treatment of high creatinine level. As a patient with chronic renal failure with high creatinine level, if you are not satisfied with their current treatment and is doing everything possible to avoid Dialysis Therapy, follow us to learn about China.

The Chinese therapy is not an isolated Therapy, use several types of Chinese Therapy during treatment. We will use some Auxiliary detoxification medicine to help decrease the Serum creatinine and other toxins. Includes taking oral medicine detoxification Therapy and Chinese Medicine enema Therapy of Chinese Herbs. Enema can help eliminate toxins in the intestinal tract and Herbal Bath Therapy may decrease the Serum creatinine by improving the blood circulation of the whole body and sweating.

We also use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for anti inflammation and anti coagulation to control the immune reaction in the Kidney and to stop the urine Protein. In this way, we can stop the Progress of the disease and improve the Recovery of renal function. Oral administration of Chinese medicine will be given to strengthen Healthy Qi in the human body.

The high level of creatinine is just one of the symptoms of renal Damage and deterioration of renal function, to live a normal life without Dialysis and renal transplantation seems to be more important to decrease the creatinine level only. However, this high level of creatinine Treatment can achieve both. Furthermore, renal failure patients need not worry about Side Effects.

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