What Are The Common Factors For Creatinine Increasing

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Creatinine Increasing,Common FactorsWhen doing renal function tests, some people will find that their serum Creatinine is somewhat higher. Of course, high serum creatinine is not necessarily a kidney injury.

Creatinine is one of the test indicators to measure renal function. Generally speaking, the renal compensatory capacity is strong. When the kidney is not damaged to a certain extent, patients often do not have discomfort symptoms. When the glomerular filtration rate drops to more than 50% of normal, serum creatinine begins to rise rapidly, and only the normal value of severe hyperhemorrhagic creatinine (due to local measurements) The normal value of serum creatinine varies with different methods. Normal range is 40-120 umol/L before kidney damage.

What are the common factors for creatinine increasing?

1. People with original renal insufficiency, such as combined infections, including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, etc., can experience increased serum creatinine in a short period of time.

Loss of water in the body, such as fever, sweating, reduced drinking water, polyuria lead to blood concentration, reduced renal blood flow, can occur increased serum creatinine

2. To kidney patients, the use of kidney-damaging drugs can lead to an increase in serum creatinine, even irreversible.

3. Patients with original kidney disease, due to relapse, oliguria, or even no urine, which can be combined with acute renal insufficiency, resulting in increased serum creatinine.

4. The occurrence of fatigue, bad rest and neglect of the details of life can also cause transient elevation of serum creatinine.

5. For high blood pressure patients, uncontrolled blood pressure, long-term moderate or large amount of proteinuria (24-hour total urine protein is more than 1g or even 1.5g), which can slow progress in the unconscious rise in serum creatinine.

The above points are the causes of high serum creatinine. High serum creatinine must go to regular hospitals for routine examination, and eventually be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

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