4 Tips Help Protect Kidney Functions To Reduce Creatinine

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Protect Kidney Functions,Reduce CreatinineWhen Creatinine starts to rise, the kidney loses about 60% of its function. At this time, kidney damage will accelerate, in a few months, many years, and another 30% of the loss is uremia. If not treated as soon as possible, it is only one step away from Uremia.

Serum creatinine is different from urinary Protein. Increased urinary protein is caused by inflammation. Inhibition of inflammation can reduce urinary protein. Most of them can be cured clinically. The increase of serum creatinine is mostly caused by nephron necrosis. The dead cells can not be revived. Serum creatinine is a "serious indicator" and can not be expected to indicate kidney damage.

Normal serum creatinine does not mean that the kidney is not damaged. Especially for patients with chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and diabetes mellitus, more accurate indicators such as cystatin C, endogenous creatinine clearance rate, estimated glomerular filtration rate and Microalbumin should be paid attention to so as to understand the condition of kidney injury in the early stage and treat it promptly.

1. Adhere to 2000 milliliters of water per day

Kidney mainly produces urine to excrete toxins. Drinking more water is conducive to multiple urination. For patients with nephropathy who have no special restriction on water intake, they should persist in intake of 2,000 milliliters of water every day, which is conducive to accelerating blood circulation and excreting toxins.

For nephrotic patients with water restriction, such as those with edema, the daily intake of water is about 1,000 ml.

2. Exercise for 30 minutes every day

Maintaining a normal weight is important for maintaining the stability of kidney function. Kidney friends are advised not to stay in bed for rest all the time. It is necessary to exercise for at least half an hour every day. Choose some relaxing exercises without worrying about adverse effects on kidney, such as fast walking, jogging, gymnastics, gymnastics and so on.

3. Regular work and rest to reduce the risk of recurrence

Keeping eight hours of sleep a day helps create space and time for the kidneys to recover. It's better not to go to bed more than 11 o'clock at the latest every day. Good habits improve immunity, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of recurrence.

4. Keep a good mind

Optimistic patients have better mental state, more active treatment and more stable condition than pessimistic patients. Although nephropathy treatment is difficult, but controllable, the risk of developing uremia is only 1%. Kidney friends should be positive and optimistic.

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