Hilum Therapy

Function of Hilum therapy:

Warm stream will spread from hilum to abdomens, it has the function of promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerating the elimination of toxins, better sleep, providing energy and relaxing body.

Improving channels and collaterals, relief the pain and stimulate the Qi: Hilum is related to blood, and warm medicine can stimulate the blood vessels and benefit blood system, after that, release the complications. Hilum is available in arthromyodynia, such as deadlimb and DMOS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)


Hilum therapy has the character of easy operation, normally change it 3 to 7 days, no need to tisane, taking medicine, injection, and also avoid the damage to medicine and side-effect to internal organs. And it is suitable for some patients do not want to take medicine, injection, acupuncture.

Dosage in hilum is small, but, often 2 to 4 times can see the effect.

Matters need attention:

This treatment is suggested to operate inside rooms. Keep warm, especially for patients easy to catch cold, and for aged and child.

Before treatment, to sterilize hilum and around skins with 75% swab to avoid infection. Hilum is forbidden for skin disease and breaking patients.

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